Misogynistic and Anti-Semitic Passages

Saudi Arabia Gets Rid of Misogynistic and Anti-Semitic Passages of its Textbooks


Some misogynistic and anti-Semitic passages have been gotten rid of in Saudi Arabia’s school textbooks. For the past decades, several people have criticized Saudi Arabia for school textbooks that support women’s subservience to men and hatred towards any other religion apart from Islam.

However, the country has successfully scrubbed of most of these contents in those textbooks with the recent revisions made available.The country scrubbed a particular section on sodomy that support capital punishment for people practicing homosexuality. 

Even most adulations of extremist martyrdom are not left out.  Misogynistic and anti-semitic passages are now much fewer than before. All thanks to the most recent edition that got rid of a passage quoting the prophet Muhammad as saying, “No Muslims will see the judgment day except they kill the Jews.”

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An Israel-based group responsible for monitoring school curriculums saw these changes as astonishing. But there are still some major concerns about the remaining anti-Semitic themes. One part of the textbook still talks about the story of a Jewish boy who was rescued from hell after converting to Islam.

There is another passage that talks about God changing some Jews into “real monkeys. According to the Washington director at the Anti-Defamation League, David Weinberg, they have removed some of the misogynistic and anti-semitic passages about Christians and Jews.

These books don’t approve of the death penalty for men practicing homosexuality, adultery, and sorcery anymore.

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