Solar electricity's price

Solar Electricity’s Price Dropped by 89% in 10 Years

According to a report, solar Electricity’s Price Dropped by a whopping 89% in just ten years and onshore wind’s price also declined by 70%. It is important to stop depending on fossil fuels and energy to put an end to our climate crisis. This may have seemed like a big deal ten years ago considering […]

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Tampa Bay Boy

Driver’s Quick Action Saved Tampa Bay Boy from Being Crushed in a Garbage Truck

A Tampa Bay boy who could have died was saved by a driver who saw the boy. The poor boy hid in a closed garbage can. It only takes a few seconds to compress waste in a garbage truck into a smaller size. Waldo Fidele, the garbage truck driver, saved the life a Tampa Bay […]

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Alex Trebek Wardrobe

Homeless Organization Receives Clothing Donations from Alex Trebek Wardrobe

Alex Trebek Wardrobe has donated some clothes that belonged to Alex Trebek, who died on Nov 8, 2020, after suffering from pancreatic cancer. The clothes include 300 neckties, fourteen suits, 58 dress shirts, and other clothing items. These items were donated to The Doe Fund, an initiative created to help provide continuing education, vocational training, […]

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French nun Sister Andrea

French Nun Sister Andre, the Oldest Person in Europe, Survives Covid-19 on Her 117th Birthday’s Eve

French nun Sister Andre, survived COVID-19 on the eve of her 117th birthday. Sister Andre is the oldest person in Europe and it is good news to know that this strong woman survived the deadly coronavirus despite her age. Sister Andre whose real name is Lucile Randon started bearing the name Sister Andre when she […]

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Denver mental health professionals

Denver Mental Health Professionals Successfully Sent to Answer Hundreds of Calls

Another United States city has reported the successful completion of a program that now replaces local law enforcement res-ponders with health care workers to help answer some emergency calls. Denver mental health professionals are now responding to people with mental illnesses. Before this program, the fire department responders and the police are only allowed to […]

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1000-acre blue gum plantation

1000-acre Blue Gum Plantation Bought and Transformed into Wetland by Ecologists

A 1000-acre blue gum plantation has been bought and transformed into a wetland. Mark Bachmann and his team are responsible for this. He and his team were thinking of how they could transform an agricultural land into a body of water that it was some years back. However, they had no idea how their initiative […]

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This Breakthrough Medicine, EXO-C24, Might Cure Coronavirus within Five Days

EXO-C24 is a breakthrough medicine that might cure coronavirus in less than a week, although it is quite early to call it a miracle drug. The world might have the first real breakthrough medicine for curing coronavirus if the conclusions from a new Phase 1 trial for EXO-C24, a new drug are confirmed in subsequent […]

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