UK administers vaccine

For the First Time, The UK Administers Vaccine to Almost 600,000 people in One Day


The UK administers vaccine to nearly 600,000 people in a day, this is happening for the first time since the country started vaccinating people. On Saturday, 598,389 people got the first dose of the vaccine, the highest number so far.

But only 10,621 people could receive the second dose of the vaccine.  A total of 8,977,329  people received the vaccine’s first dose while only 491,053 people received both doses.

On Sunday, UK had another record of 587 COVID-19 deaths along with 21,088 more confirmed cases. At the same time, scientists have warned ministers to ensure that they slowly and cautiously relax lockdown restrictions. The scientists suggested that vaccines must prove to be very potent at preventing transmission. This is just to prevent any spike in deaths in the future.

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As the UK administers vaccine, Chief Dr. Susan Hopkins said that they must ease measures slowly so they are able to reduce the number of cases quite fast if there is an increase of cases.

Scientists advised that the Government can only avoid a huge increase in COVID deaths if they eased restrictions if vaccines have proved to be effective and can block further transmission.

Dr. Hopkins said “We have learned from our mistakes and this time we will need to relax lockdown quite slowly, in case the number of COVID-19 cases begin to increase we can do something about it.”

Hopkins maintained that if there are going to be any releases, they will have to happen with caution. With a two-week period, we can watch and see the effect of that relaxation since it takes this period to understand what’s happening in the population.

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