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Dolly Parton Rejected the Presidential Medal of Freedom twice


Dolly Parton has rejected the presidential Medal of Freedom twice and she has explained why this happened. According to the 75-year-old queen of the country, former President Donald Trump tried to award her the highest civilian honor in the nation, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, two times but she turned them down.

I had to reject it because my husband was sick and when they asked me about it, I told them i wouldn’t be able to travel because of the pandemic.  I have also heard about the award from President Joe Biden as well. Now I don’t want to take it cos it will look like I am biased.

“More so, I don’t deserve those awards, It’d be nice if I worked for them. However, I feel it’s nice for people to think that deserve them.”


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The singer has been managing the Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library since 1995. This literacy program has donated over 100 million children’s books so far. The Dollywood Foundation donated 1,000 dollars per month to hundreds of families that lost their homes to wildfires.

When the pandemic started, Dolly Parton donated a sum of $1 million to fund coronavirus research which helped in the development of the Moderna vaccine.

During an interview, former President Barack Obama maintained that he didn’t know that the singer didn’t the prestigious award. He said he assumed that Dolly had one.

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