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Stacey Abrams Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize


Stacey Abrams has just been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. The U.S voting rights activist was nominated due to her effort in promoting nonviolent change through the ballot box, according to a Norwegian lawmaker.

Abrams made so much effort in ensuring that Joe Biden won the election. She is among the nominees for the Nobel Peace Prize and Donald Trump alongside Jared Kushner, the former White House adviser. According to a socialist party member of the parliament in Norway, Stacey Abrams followed the footsteps of Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King was the leader of the civil rights movement in the 1960s and he won the 1964’s Nobel prize and has remained one of the most famous laureates.

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Several people ranging from the parliament’s members, former winners, can propose any candidates. However, a nomination doesn’t mean that there is an approval from the Oslo’s Nobel committee.  Russian dissident Alexei Navaln and Greta Thunberg are among this year’s nominees.

The Norwegian Nobel Committee chooses the winner of the award, but it doesn’t make any comments on nominations. Former U.S winners include Jimmy Carter, Barack Obama, Theodore Roosevelt, and Woodrow Wilson. The committee will be announcing the 2021 laureate in October.

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