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Children’s Minnesota Hospital Receives Video Games Donation from College Student


A college student who made a lot of money from GameStop stock is donating video games to a children’s Minnesota hospital. A mechanical engineering student, Hunter Kahn donated several Nintendo Switch consoles and games to a Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis after he cashed out about $30,000 in GameStop stock.

When GameStop shares increased by 1,625% in the past month, Kahn cashed out his stock. These soaring percentages are a result of some investors on Reddit, who are purchasing the stock to hurt short sellers. Hedge funds have also bet on the stock to decline, however, this didn’t happen.

Kahn said he bought the GameStop stock to prove “the big boys on Wall Street” wrong. However, he maintained that donating a percentage of his gain to the hospital made him feel better than getting any monetary gain. According to the Children’s Minnesota Hospital, Kahn’s donations are more than $2,000.

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The President of Children’s Minnesota Foundation said that the hospital appreciates this donation and it will make kids at our hospitals happy, especially during these times. It’s so inspiring to see people that choose to give back to their community.

Khan donated e-shop gift cards, six Nintendo Switch Lites, screen protectors, and multiple games. The hospital maintained that the donations are already being used by patients.

Many people praised Kahn after he posted a picture of his donation on the Reddit page WallStreetBets. He got over 179,000 upvotes on his post. One user was happy about his action and called him “The real Robinhood”

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