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Chick-fil-A Employee Gifts the Car She Won to Co-worker in Act of Kindness


A Chick-fil-A employee gifted her co-worker a car she won. When Haley Bridges, 17, knew her friend and co-worker Hokule’a Taniguchi, 19, was always going to work by bicycle, she knew Taniguchi was the right person to gift the car she won.

Bridges said she became Chick-fil-A employee in late August, explaining that her schoolmate referred her to the job. She said she has been having a wonderful time with the employees and she is always happy to go to work every time.

According to Bridges, her co-workers are very generous as they help one another, even with matters outside the job. She and Taniguchi became fast friends when she joined the company and hang out several times.

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They became good friends during Chick-fil-A Christmas party. Bridges said that there was a rumor that the company would be gifting a car as the grand prize.

When the friends arrived at a banquet hall in Appleton, they were surprised to see that a car was going to be raffled off. Bridges maintained that her close friends have always wanted to help Taniguchi since she didn’t have a car. Therefore, they decided that if any of them won the car, it would be gifted to Taniguchi.

When Bridges was called as the winner of the car, she was surprised. Taniguchi began to cry with joy when she heard Bridge’s name.

Bridges said “I have never seen Taniguchi so emotional like this. She is fun to be with, always happy and goofy. I also started crying when I looked at her.”

Bridges said her mother wasn’t happy she gave away the gift. But, she maintained that she has no regrets about what she did.

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