1000-acre blue gum plantation

1000-acre Blue Gum Plantation Bought and Transformed into Wetland by Ecologists


A 1000-acre blue gum plantation has been bought and transformed into a wetland. Mark Bachmann and his team are responsible for this. He and his team were thinking of how they could transform an agricultural land into a body of water that it was some years back.

However, they had no idea how their initiative could negotiate the final step to purchase a 1000-acre blue gum plantation.  Then Mark spotted the platypus. According to Mr. Mark, he went out after a flood to see how the trial swamps were fairing when he spotted something black moving up the bank of a drain.

He thought it was a water rat until he had a closer look and realized it was a platypus. The platypus showed up at the right time, it gave Mr. Mark hope. It is a challenge for Nature Glenelg Trust, a small environmental organization to purchase a 1.035-acre blue gum plantation, remove its trees, and then turn it into wetlands.

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As ecologists, we are very practical and we have worked with farmers. Science supports what we do.

 Mr. Mark

As at that time, the Hamilton Field Naturalist Club, a band of nature lovers, had requested for the land with a large sum of money, but the land wasn’t for sale. The Walker Swamp was in a depleted state the first time ecologists at the Nature Glenelg Trust set their feet on the land.  

For two hundred years, the water had been drained. People used the land for grazing in the 1950s. Then they diverted more water form the whole catchment in the 1970s. In the 2000s, they converted this land to a blue gum plantation.

The ecologist began with trials by creating temporary structures that would help the neighboring land to flood. Ecology already restored two swamps by 2014. This land was in a bad state at first. Someone could easily tell it was once a wetland, but people had planted blue gums on the Walker Swamp.

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