This Breakthrough Medicine, EXO-C24, Might Cure Coronavirus within Five Days


EXO-C24 is a breakthrough medicine that might cure coronavirus in less than a week, although it is quite early to call it a miracle drug. The world might have the first real breakthrough medicine for curing coronavirus if the conclusions from a new Phase 1 trial for EXO-C24, a new drug are confirmed in subsequent trials.

This will be a huge addition to the COVID-19 vaccines. The EXO-C24 will help in preventing coronavirus cases and deaths and as well as reducing the spread of the infection. While vaccines can boost the immune system, it might need to deal with the virus at one point in time.

Firstly, these vaccines aren’t effective on people who are infected. Secondly, the supply of the vaccine remains limited, making it unavailable to people who might need one. Thirdly, there is the fear of mutations that might reduce the potency of the vaccine on the virus.

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If the new EXO-C24 can help to cure coronavirus in less than one week, this drug would help to save lives and also help address the issues of mutations. This drug will cure the immune response that is deadly in the virus.

In the first phase of the trial, this drug showed results that it could cure 29 coronavirus patients out of 30 within 5 days. All 30 patients had quick recovery after having moderate to severe infection. The hospital carrying out the first phase of the trial described this success as a huge one.

EXO-C24 is a drug that fights the cytokine storm and prevents the overreaction from happening. This drug will get to the second phase of research and as such, additional efficacy will be provided. The drug utilizes exosomes that can transport materials between the cells to help supply the CD24 protein to the ling. This protein plays a significant role in controlling the immune system.

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