Tampa Bay Boy

Driver’s Quick Action Saved Tampa Bay Boy from Being Crushed in a Garbage Truck


A Tampa Bay boy who could have died was saved by a driver who saw the boy. The poor boy hid in a closed garbage can. It only takes a few seconds to compress waste in a garbage truck into a smaller size. Waldo Fidele, the garbage truck driver, saved the life a Tampa Bay boy within this few seconds.

Waldo was dumping waste into the trash collection truck when he realized there was something unusual. When he checked the rearview camera, he saw a small boy. He immediately shut off the truck to save the boy from being crushed and killed.

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Waldo is indeed a hero. If he wasn’t observant, he wouldn’t have seen the boy. By now, we would have been searching for a seven-year-old boy who became missing.

the operations manager of the Waste Operations in Tampa.

According to Plunkett, the boy hid in a trash can with the lid closed. The waste management company didn’t disclose the boy’s name. The truck which treats trash instantly the same way a garbage disposal does would have crushed the boy. When the garbage in this truck are treated, they are always taken to an incendiary. Thanks to Fidele, the boy was saved and he only had a scratch.

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