David Odekunle

David Odekunle Gets Acceptance Letters from Seven Ivy Leagues Schools


A senior at the Bloomfield High School, David Odekunle is open to several choices. This is because he got not less than 7 Ivy League Schools acceptance letters.

Odekunle was born and brought up in Nigeria. But, he has now received various acceptance letters from different colleges. The young man revealed that he got a letter from Yale. He got the acceptance letter with the video from the College. He was proud to get that.

The Nigerian man also got other acceptance letters from different Ivy League Schools. His journey to academic feat began at Bloomfield High School. The man disclosed that his coming Nigeria came with a lot of challenges. Yet, he remained undaunted and he has accomplished so much in his academics.

There was a high number of applications this year at the Ivy League Schools. This is why the acceptance of students reduced. This was from about 10% to a figure not less than 6%.

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The most interesting thing is that he received acceptance letters from 7 of the schools. Elated David stated that it was like a shock to him receiving all the letters through his emails. It seems to him like a rare opportunity coming once in someone’s entire lifetime.

A similar opportunity came for his elder brother, Emmanuel, in 2019. Their mother, Dr. Florence revealed how she had raised her sons. Dr. Florence revealed that there has always been an encouragement for her sons. People have given them some words of encouragement to remain hardworking. David has learned how not to remain in one’s comfort zone.

David Odekunle has advised students to concentrate on their essays during applications. According to him this will help with them during admissions.

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