Players Halted Football Match to Permit a Muslim Faithful End Ramadan Fast

Players Halted Football Match to Permit a Muslim Faithful End Ramadan Fast


On Monday night, players halted football match so that a Muslim player can end his Ramadan fast. The football game was between Leicester City and Crystal Palace.

It is no doubt that Wesley Fofana is a Muslim Faithful who has been observing the Ramadan fast since it began. The Leicester defender was unable to eat because of the fast. Leicester City is in third place while Crystal Palace is in thirteenth place.

The two teams had an agreement that they would halt for the Leicester defender to break his fast. The referee was also in the know about the plan. There was a goal kick in the 35th minute, there was a pause and Fofana broke his fast.

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During this moment, the Leicester defender was away from the pitch. At this point, Vicente Guaita, the Crystal Palace keeper did not leave the ball. This went on not less than one minute. Fofana went ahead to have a drink. This seems to be some sports drink. He gulped down his drink while at the touchline.

Afterward, the football match commenced. In the end, Leicester City won. During his observance of his fast, Leicester was 1-0 on the game. After breaking his fast, his team won, scoring up to two times. At the end of the game, they became third on the spot in the premier league. This is a preparation to getting a spot at the Champions League during the coming season.

 Fofana later showed his appreciation in his tweet. Here, he revealed that the players halted football match for him to observe his Ramadan fast. Brendan Rodgers, the Leicester City manager also praised him for his brilliant performances. He will feel safer in the football world for their kind gesture.

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