Nine valedictorians

Nine Valedictorians Certify With Same GPA From The Same High School


Nine valedictorians have been certified with a 5.0 GPA each from Bellaire High School, Texas. These valedictorians are the graduating set of 2021.

These graduates honored are Angela Ling, Alkiviades Boukas, Evie Kao, Daniel Chen, Wenson Tsiah-Hao Tang, Miles Mackenzie, Annie Zhu, the twin sister of Shirley Zhu, and Christopher Zhou. They are all celebrated for such an academic feat of 5.0 GPA.

They are all graduating from high school in June. One of the students, Evie Kao, 17, stated that it is a great honor to be graduating with such a GPA with eight other students. It is no doubt that it is a great historical moment for the students.

It is recalled that it is the first time ever that such number of valedictorians will be honored from the Houston Independent School District (HISD).

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At the HISD, all GPAs are computed, substantial ones or not. The more substantial GPA involves disciplines that are more challenging. According to one of the valedictorians, Angela Ling, she revealed that she took the more rigorous courses with the other students.

Ling, 17, was honored as the student with the highest conventional grades for periods within her 6th- 8th grade. Speaking further, Ling stated that she is elated that her efforts with that of the other valedictorians did not prove abortive.

Her most preferred course is calculus and she dances in different events. The young lady is involved in numerous activities and organizations. One is the National MS Society. This organization’s sole aim is to provide qualitative health support to people.

Evie Kao’s most preferred course is the yearbook discipline. She cited her mom as her influencer. The majority of these nine valedictorians have picked their preferred colleges in different cities across the globe.

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