Alabama approves expungement bill

Alabama Approves Expungement Bill


Alabama approves expungement bill. This in a way will help people who had some previous convictions for “unweighted” felony have a clean slate of wiped criminal offenses. Lawmakers in Alabama passed this bill earlier. But, Governor Kay Ivey later signed the bill into law.

The bill is also known as the REDEEMER Act. This bill ensures that the law overlooks people’s past misconduct. This is when they have indeed met certain criteria. Senator Linda Coleman-Madison supported this bill.

Coleman-Madison made it known that this bill will bring about a changed lifestyle for people. It is a way people convicted of low-level offenses gets the second opportunity to turn a new leaf. They can move forward once they learn from their past mistakes.

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This bill permits people to consider expungement because there was a dismissal on any charges, and also if people are pronounced innocent. This law permits anyone with any convictions for minor criminal acts to apply for expungement. The conditions to meet are payment of every fine and completion of all probation. There are criminal offenses that cannot allow for expungement. Anyone with main convictions is not eligible for this.

Also, sexual crimes are ineligible for this. However, it is not yet certain the number of people eligible for any expungement. Senator Coleman-Madison indicated that this will affect many people. Chris England highlighted that this law will give many people the opportunity for a second chance. It will help to correct many wrongs. Cases of felonies could also get expungement so far there was a pardon.

As Alabama approves expungement bill, this is not in any way perfunctory. The judge decides if any convictions would receive an expungement. Coleman-Madison advised people to get in touch with an advocate. This will let them know of their eligibility. She stated that past convictions often serve as a stumbling block to people’s progress in the nearest future. The expungement bill becomes effective from July.

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