elderly man learns make-up

Elderly Man Learns Make-up For Wife’s Sake


An elderly man learns make-up from a beauty school because of his wife. A seventy-nine-year old man is committed to learning how to beautify his wife. As a result of his passion for his wife’s beauty, he enrolled at a school to learn make-up and hair making.

The man’s wife is no longer able to do these things herself. His wife’s sight has some defect and in the process of getting ready, she always burns herself. The old man was willing to learn, so he told Carrie Hannah, director at the beauty school his plans.

He started Delmar College of Hair and Aesthetics located in Alberta. Here, he could get beauty lessons. The identity of the man remained unknown. He began to learn how to use the curling wand. In the process of learning, he was grouped alongside a student with some mannequin. The man also learned how he could apply mascara on his wife.

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Director Carrie made it known that they were all touched at the beauty school seeing how the old man is so enthusiastic about helping his dear wife of many years. Carrie stated further that the man was eager to show everyone his wife’s pictures. The man disclosed how talented his wife had always been, her ability to type more than a hundred words within a minute while she was active in service.

 He told Carrie that his wife always cared so much about her looks and it is crucial he cares for her at this stage. It was disclosed that the couple so much has adoration for their love life. They still love each other like lovebirds. Staff at the College was left teary after all that the old man revealed about his wife. Carrie showed so much admiration for the couple and was elated to have helped them.

The old man turns 80 this month. It is something worth emulating as it shows the man truly loves his wife. An elderly man learns make-up to show his gesture of affection for his wife of over 50 years.

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