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Hayward Woman Nurtures Over 80 Infants In Her Apartment For More Than 34 Years


It is interesting to see this Hayward woman nurse and care for over eighty infants in the past years at her home. This she has achieved through the medium of foster care and support.

Her name is Linda Owens, and she has been given infant intensive care since the girl was a newborn. The infant is seven weeks old, and this adds up to the number of babies she has looked after in the past years. As a foster parent, this baby makes the eighty-one baby the old woman has nurtured.

Owens disclosed that it has been tough but quite rewarding for her to nurse those babies for 34 years. The 78-year-old woman nurses those infants despite being a single mother. The retired manager of a grocery store stated that there were times she nurtured two babies same period.

She has spent so much on the needs of the babies in the past years. It is simply a gesture of love though the woman receives payment for what she does.

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The old woman has enjoyed looking after infants right from her childhood. She believes it is what God has ordained her to do. It was further disclosed that some of these infants were exposed to hard substances like drugs during pregnancy. This resulted in developmental delays for some of these newborns. Some experience difficulty having some sleep at night.

According to the words of Mia Buckner-Preston, the Placement Division Director at Alameda County Department of Children and Family Services stated that what Linda Owens does is borne out of immeasurable love for the infants. Owens has been among the oldest serving foster parents. According to Dr. Mika Hiramatsu, Owens is ever ready to support and care for these babies, giving them a good start in life.

Owens revealed that it has been difficult to let go of these babies to adoptive parents. One of the babies adopted was nurtured about 12 years ago and she still visits with her mother, Erica. The Hayward woman has fostered many babies in the last 34 years.

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