offers worth over $5million

Nigerian Teenager Receives Offers Worth over $5Million Scholarships


A Nigerian teenager receives offers worth over $5million scholarships from various universities from both Canada and the U.S. The young girl received nineteen scholarship opportunities.

Young and vibrant Victory Yinka-Banjo got scholarship opportunities her mates may still be trying to get. The 17-year-old lady received a scholarship grant for some undergraduate degree of study. The high school fresh graduate disclosed that she applied to several schools as a result of her skepticism of getting acceptance from any school.

Her parents, Chika Yinka-Banjo and Adeyinka Banjo are doing pretty well in their fields. The former is a staff of the University of Lagos, a senior lecturer while the latter is an executive in the private sector.

Yinka-Banjo however received scholarship opportunities from different Ivy League Schools. These include the Princeton University, Brown University, Yale College, and Harvard College. She also got scholarship offers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Johns Hopkins University, Stanford University, as well as the University of Virginia.

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While in Canada, the teenager got a Lester B. Pearson grant which was from the prestigious University of Toronto. Young Victory stated emphatically that the admissions procedures were highly selective. She described the experience as “surreal”.

Victory has had many great academic feats in the past years. She was the senior prefect while in school. The young champ became prominent when she brilliantly scored A grades when she sat for the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE).

Victory while speaking with CNN disclosed that she maintains hard work in all she does. She stated that she now feels deserving of all her accomplishments. Having gotten several scholarships, she feels on top of the world. She smiles broader than she used to do.

She is yet to determine which institution to opt for. However, she intended to beg a degree in Computational Biology. Her mother, Chika, feels that her daughter’s story can motivate many teenage Nigerians.

Victory believes that parental guidance has helped her a lot. She receives offers worth over $5million scholarships opportunities.

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