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Electric Cars Don’t Cause Pollution like Gas-powered Cars-Study Reveals


According to a recent study, electric cars don’t cause air pollution as much as gas-powered cars do. This is because electric cars get their power from the “dirty” electric grid. Electric cars don’t feature tailpipe emissions, unlike cars that feature an internal combustion engine.

Electric cars still cause pollution via the energy required to produce them. However, it is understood that these cars are more efficient than cars that are powered by gas. Some myths have been established by electric car detractors that the source of emissions in them cause pollution just like gas-powered cars.

The International Council on Clean Transportation has debunked this myth by comparing the eclectic passenger cars and the combustion engine’s life-cycle greenhouse gas emissions. They evaluated the whole life cycle from sourcing the battery materials to the vehicle production.

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To get an average life-cycle emission from the utilization of the cars, they compiled results by getting information in different markets The team utilized the electricity mix of regions like the US, Europe, India, and China to get average lifetime emissions.

The result showed that battery-electric cars contain fewer emissions than cars powered by gasoline in all markets. These cars in the US produce only one-third of the lifetime emissions of vehicles powered by gasoline.

The difference has also improved since renewable energy has been deployed faster than other sources of generating electricity. According to a study, most markets would need to improve the deployment of renewable energy. But, the fact still remains that electric vehicles generate fewer emissions and as such, they are better at fighting climate change.

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