Graceful tree frog

Vet Carries Out Surgery on Graceful Tree Frog Less Than 2cm Long


A graceful tree frog survived a surgery that was performed by veterinarian Meaghan Barrow. The frog which is not up to 2cm in length had an injury. Barrow sedated the drug and then used tiny instruments to suture the frog. After the successful surgery, the frog was released into the wild.

According to Meaghan Barrow, the graceful tree frog is the smallest animal he has ever performed surgery on. This frog is so small that it weighs less than half a gram. The frog was found injured at the Wacol facility in RSCPA.

The frog was seen on some foilage. It was found in the leaves one of the vet nurses had brought to feed koalas at the facility. On realizing the frog had a lump on one side of his body, the vet nurse took him to the clinic.

When Veterinarian Barrow examined the frog, he discovered he had a hole in his chest. Having a close look, he saw that the hole was quite big for a frog as small as that.

The graceful tree frog was terribly injured. His intestines and lung were coming out of a small hole.

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Although the assessment was quite simple, treatment for the amphibian was quite complex. It was difficult because the frog was small in size and the vet is more familiar with bigger animals.

To ensure the treatment went smooth and was successful, the frog was sedated. The team had to mix the medication to get a small dose so that he can have a good sleep without feeling any pain.

Dr. Barrow maintained that the most complex part of the treatment was keeping her hands steady to suture the small creature. She maintained that the frog’s skin was very tender and thin. Naturally, frogs have tender skin that helps them absorb things around them.

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