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Alabama approves expungement bill

Alabama Approves Expungement Bill

Alabama approves expungement bill. This in a way will help people who had some previous convictions for “unweighted” felony have a clean slate of wiped criminal offenses. Lawmakers in Alabama passed this bill earlier. But, Governor Kay Ivey later signed the bill into law. The bill is also known as the REDEEMER Act. This bill […]

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offers worth over $5million

Nigerian Teenager Receives Offers Worth over $5Million Scholarships

A Nigerian teenager receives offers worth over $5million scholarships from various universities from both Canada and the U.S. The young girl received nineteen scholarship opportunities. Young and vibrant Victory Yinka-Banjo got scholarship opportunities her mates may still be trying to get. The 17-year-old lady received a scholarship grant for some undergraduate degree of study. The […]

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Flu disappears worldwide

Flu Disappears Worldwide During The Corona Virus Outbreak

Flu disappears worldwide during the outbreak of COVID-19 across the globe. Cases of flu conveyed to World Health Organization during the widespread of COVID-19 has reduced to the barest. To the epidemiologists, the reason for the “vanish” of influenza during the pandemic is not far-fetched. It is as a result of the general preventive steps […]

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Folajimi Olubunmi-Adewole

Folajimi Olubunmi-Adewole Gets Nomination For Bravery Award

Despite that he is late, Folajimi Olubunmi-Adewole has gained recognition as he gets named for the Bravery Award. This is in line with how the deceased died in the process of saving a woman having fallen at the Thames. According to the London Police, the deceased heroic deeds deserved recognition because he was selfless. The […]

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Nine valedictorians

Nine Valedictorians Certify With Same GPA From The Same High School

Nine valedictorians have been certified with a 5.0 GPA each from Bellaire High School, Texas. These valedictorians are the graduating set of 2021. These graduates honored are Angela Ling, Alkiviades Boukas, Evie Kao, Daniel Chen, Wenson Tsiah-Hao Tang, Miles Mackenzie, Annie Zhu, the twin sister of Shirley Zhu, and Christopher Zhou. They are all celebrated […]

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Savings Bond of $100 Given To Residents in West Virginia

Savings Bond of $100 Given To West Virginia Residents

In West Virginia, people will receive a savings bond of $100. It is for people between the ages of 16 to 35 years. The savings bond is for residents who take doses of the vaccine. The COVID-19 Stimulus fund is for the financing. This is according to the plan of the West Virginia government. On […]

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David Odekunle

David Odekunle Gets Acceptance Letters from Seven Ivy Leagues Schools

A senior at the Bloomfield High School, David Odekunle is open to several choices. This is because he got not less than 7 Ivy League Schools acceptance letters. Odekunle was born and brought up in Nigeria. But, he has now received various acceptance letters from different colleges. The young man revealed that he got a […]

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