iraqi archbishop

Iraqi Archbishop Gets Nominated For EU Human Rights Award

An Iraqi archbishop, Mikhael Moussa has been nominated for the EU Human Rights Award. This is coming after the archbishop ensured that some significant documents were well-secured during the invasion of ISIS. Awards are a means of recognizing people’s contributions to society. It is a way of showing that their quotas are not discarded and […]

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wife blocks attempted kidnap of grandchild

Wife Blocks Attempted Kidnap of Grandchild

Kidnapping is one societal vice that most people frown at. If it mostly involves their loved ones, people can go the extra mile to ensure that they are being protected. That is with the case of Joe Montana with his wife. Law enforcement officials confirmed on Sunday, 27th September as Joe Montana alongside his wife […]

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Britain Hero rat Magawa

Britain Hero Rat, Magawa Receives Award For Sniffing Out Unexploded Land Mines

Britain hero rat, Magawa has been awarded a top animal award for his ability to sniff out unexploded land mines in Cambodia. Animals can be well trained to perform some activities that will help mankind. An animal trained would be able to carry out some functions with perfection. That was the case with a rat, […]

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