New emoji for forgiveness

New Emoji For Forgiveness Proposed

A new emoji for forgiveness has been proposed.There are various emojis for different reactions, as it is with the expression of love, disgust, excitement, anger, and several others. This particular emoji is to show an act of forgiveness the same way other emojis express emotions. This proposed forgiveness emoji was the creative work of the […]

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Life is all about Becoming, Evolving, and Transforming

Life is about becoming! Life is about evolving. To become is to evolve. To evolve is to transform. But do we really become? There are so many questions that beg for answers. Yes, questions only YOU can give answers to. Life is in phases. A toddler grows into a teenager and then into an adult […]

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Starting a campfire and how to make a campfire

Starting a Campfire: Steps on How to Build a Campfire

A campfire is a dreamlike, luminous, and kinetic natural force, which has for many years served the purpose of being a centerpiece for many backwoods gatherings. This is why starting a campfire is very important. Nothing should interrupt a camper from spending a glorious night beneath the stars around a campfire. The gradual process in […]

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Two-third of Americans

Two-Thirds of Americans Have Become Better People

Two-thirds of Americans have become better people this year. According to a recent survey conducted this year, two-thirds of Americans revealed that quarantine has made them become a better person. It was revealed from the polls that 55% of respondents were displeased with some of the activities they engaged in before the quarantine. There has […]

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tips for stress-free travel

Tips for Stress-Free Travel

It’s a known fact that traveling could be a stressful activity, and you might have asked yourself this question: “Why is traveling so stressful?” Going on vacation can help us get away from work and home pressure, but to travel stress free through the airport and boarding on your flight could be the most difficult […]

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How To Manage Time and Why It Is Important

The greatest equalizer in life is time but one of the most effective skills is proper time management. You have the same amount of time as the next person regardless of who you are. How? It’s not about how much time you have but how effectively you manage it. Want to achieve your goals without […]

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