keep the love alive

Keep the Love Alive: 15 Tips to Achieve this

The fact that you’ve settled into the comfortable phases of a relationship doesn’t stop you from putting some time and effort to ensure things remain exciting. Definitely, you don’t want to have the feeling of your partner losing interest in the relationship; so there are some daily habits that will help keep the love alive. […]

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why do people cheat

Why Do People Cheat? Reasons, Signs, & Solutions

Why do people cheat? This is the question you keep asking yourself whenever you are being cheated on. And why me? Most people still find it very hard to believe that someone they loved and trusted so much could betray them in a hurtful and shocking manner. You will not only be angry or upset, […]

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pine for you

10 Ways to have her Pine for you

In this article, we’ll be revealing to you ten ways to have your woman pine for you. For all women, there are different actions and sequence of events that will make her hopelessly, utterly, completely infatuated with you. Most times, these events aren’t too obvious. However, we are going to show you how to crack […]

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Kissing Tips – The Major Do’s and Don’ts

Kissing is one of the greatest pleasures of life that two people can share. However, not everyone is a great kissing match, and sure, not all kissers were created the same way. Wouldn’t it be lovely if every high school offered a class for mandatory kissing politeness? In this class, students will learn that kissing […]

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the different types of women out there

25 Types of Women You could ever meet

As a man, you must have met different types of women with most of them having different characteristics and behavior. Now when I mean women, I’m referring to the females in general. You may be wondering why this is the case. Just the same way we meet different men with different characteristics, the women are […]

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