Electric cars

Electric Cars Don’t Cause Pollution like Gas-powered Cars-Study Reveals

According to a recent study, electric cars don’t cause air pollution as much as gas-powered cars do. This is because electric cars get their power from the “dirty” electric grid. Electric cars don’t feature tailpipe emissions, unlike cars that feature an internal combustion engine. Electric cars still cause pollution via the energy required to produce […]

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Solar electricity's price

Solar Electricity’s Price Dropped by 89% in 10 Years

According to a report, solar Electricity’s Price Dropped by a whopping 89% in just ten years and onshore wind’s price also declined by 70%. It is important to stop depending on fossil fuels and energy to put an end to our climate crisis. This may have seemed like a big deal ten years ago considering […]

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Top 5 Best Ring Lights for Video and Makeup Artist in 2019

The secret behind making great pictures is proper lighting. The creation of Ring lights is to provide an illumination that lightens the subject and reduces shadows when taking pictures or shooting videos. Among the various market options of this product, there are models that meet the requirements of devoted and professional photographers, vloggers, and bloggers. […]

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Is Nigeria ready for artificial Intelligence technology?

Artificial Intelligence which is sometimes known as machine intelligence is a kind of intelligence demonstrated by machines, which is in contrast to the natural intelligence showcased by humans and animals. It is said to be an aspect of computer science that emphasizes the development of intelligent machines that react and work like humans do. Some […]

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