French nun Sister Andrea

French Nun Sister Andre, the Oldest Person in Europe, Survives Covid-19 on Her 117th Birthday’s Eve

French nun Sister Andre, survived COVID-19 on the eve of her 117th birthday. Sister Andre is the oldest person in Europe and it is good news to know that this strong woman survived the deadly coronavirus despite her age. Sister Andre whose real name is Lucile Randon started bearing the name Sister Andre when she […]

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mum carries daughter's baby

Mum Carries Daughter’s Baby as a Demonstration of Love

This is an amazing story of a mum who carries her daughter’s baby. A 51-year-old woman, Julie Loving has finally demonstrated an act of love to her daughter, Breanna Lockwood, by choosing to be a surrogate for her. This is indeed a show of love as the mum carries her daughter’s baby because motherhood comes […]

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We are lost in society

We are lost in a society where we’d rather text than have actual conversation with peopleWhere we’d rather look at screens than at people’s facesWhere love is just a sparkWhere we’d rather laugh at people going through difficult times than help themWhere we’re afraid to be ourselvesWhere physical features is all that mattersWhere mental health […]

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It’s difficult being a woman

Its definitely difficult being a womanWhen you’re gracefulPeople say you lack personalityWhen you’re serenePeople say you’re boringWhen you’re confidentPeople say you’re arrogantWhen you’re femininePeople say you’re too girlyWhen you climb treesPeople say you’re too much of a tomboyAs a woman,you really need to develop a very strong sense of selfThe earlier you do that, the […]

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Inter-Ethnic Marriage: A Case Study

Marriage as an institution approved by nature and could be defined as the legal, formally recognized or accepted union between two persons, usually involving a man and a woman. It is noteworthy that there are factors that affect marriage. These factors include: religions precepts or tenets, culture and traditions, legal systems, sexual orientation and political […]

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