Common cold

The Common Cold is having Resurgence This Year

In 2020, the common cold reached its historic lows, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This year, viruses like common human coronaviruses and parainfluenza  are having resurgence. Between 2020 and 2021, the United States experienced a decrease in the level of flu. This is happening for the first time since 1997. In […]

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Critically endangered California Condors

Two Critically Endangered California Condors Sighted Near Southwest Utah’s Zion National Park

Two critically endangered California Condors were sighted close to Zion National Park in Utah. This is the first time several condo nests would be sighted in the same breeding season. The population of California Condors decreased to 22 in the 1980s. So far, there are over 100 Condors in Southern Utah and northern Arizona. Currently, […]

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Electric cars

Electric Cars Don’t Cause Pollution like Gas-powered Cars-Study Reveals

According to a recent study, electric cars don’t cause air pollution as much as gas-powered cars do. This is because electric cars get their power from the “dirty” electric grid. Electric cars don’t feature tailpipe emissions, unlike cars that feature an internal combustion engine. Electric cars still cause pollution via the energy required to produce […]

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elderly man learns make-up

Elderly Man Learns Make-up For Wife’s Sake

An elderly man learns make-up from a beauty school because of his wife. A seventy-nine-year old man is committed to learning how to beautify his wife. As a result of his passion for his wife’s beauty, he enrolled at a school to learn make-up and hair making. The man’s wife is no longer able to […]

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Alabama approves expungement bill

Alabama Approves Expungement Bill

Alabama approves expungement bill. This in a way will help people who had some previous convictions for “unweighted” felony have a clean slate of wiped criminal offenses. Lawmakers in Alabama passed this bill earlier. But, Governor Kay Ivey later signed the bill into law. The bill is also known as the REDEEMER Act. This bill […]

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offers worth over $5million

Nigerian Teenager Receives Offers Worth over $5Million Scholarships

A Nigerian teenager receives offers worth over $5million scholarships from various universities from both Canada and the U.S. The young girl received nineteen scholarship opportunities. Young and vibrant Victory Yinka-Banjo got scholarship opportunities her mates may still be trying to get. The 17-year-old lady received a scholarship grant for some undergraduate degree of study. The […]

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