Alex Trebek Wardrobe

Homeless Organization Receives Clothing Donations from Alex Trebek Wardrobe

Alex Trebek Wardrobe has donated some clothes that belonged to Alex Trebek, who died on Nov 8, 2020, after suffering from pancreatic cancer. The clothes include 300 neckties, fourteen suits, 58 dress shirts, and other clothing items. These items were donated to The Doe Fund, an initiative created to help provide continuing education, vocational training, […]

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Children's Minnesota's hospital

Children’s Minnesota Hospital Receives Video Games Donation from College Student

A college student who made a lot of money from GameStop stock is donating video games to a children’s Minnesota hospital. A mechanical engineering student, Hunter Kahn donated several Nintendo Switch consoles and games to a Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis after he cashed out about $30,000 in GameStop stock. When GameStop shares increased by 1,625% […]

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North Dakota Farmer

Neighbors of North Dakota Farmer Try to Save His 1,000 Acre Harvest

The neighbors of a North Dakota farmer are rallying round to help save his 1,000-acre harvest. This period is harvest season in North Dakota. But it is most likely that one of its farmers would not be able to harvest his 1,000 acres of land by himself. This is because he is currently suffering from […]

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billionaire chuck feeney

Billionaire Chuck Feeney Gives Away Entire Fortune After Several Years of Secret Donations

There is absolutely nothing greater and better than giving to the needy in one’s community. One way legacies can be forever solidified is by giving to the needy. That is what amiable billionaire Chuck Feeney has done. This highly respected billionaire has given to his society in multiple folds that cannot be measured. One peculiar […]

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